The Colours We Share

Workshop presenter: Angélica Dass 

Date/Location: Saturday June 18, 1-2pm, Online

Fees: none

This workshop is presented in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Description of the Workshop

As a photographic project, Humanæ articulates different tools aimed at generating a space for debate and reflection on identity and its relationship with our skin color. One of these tools is  children’s workshops.

Flesh Color? The workshop proposes a reflection on the colors associated with race: white, black, red and yellow; playing to find the “real” color of each participant. Not only is there a playful dynamic to explore one’s color, but also the concept of “flesh color” or “skin color” is questioned. The workshop aims to create a deep reflection on skin color, its importance, its variability and beauty…. Is there really a unique flesh color? Participants are encouraged to intervene, bringing their opinions and ideas to this topic.

Through the reading of the book The Colors We Share by Angélica Dass, a time for reflection and a time for practice is provided in which each participant will make his or her own portrait, experimenting with paint and other materials to find the color that best suits his or her skin. 

The workshop is for children, and also suitable for teachers and members of the general public.

Info about the Workshop Leader:

Angélica Dass is an award-winning photographer born in Brazil and currently living in Madrid, Spain. Angélica’s practice combines photography with sociological research and public participation in defense of human rights globally. She is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Humanæ Project—a collection of portraits that reveal the diverse beauty of human colors. The initiative has traveled to more than 80 cities across six continents—from The World economic Forum in Davos to the pages of National Geographic, —to promote dialogue that challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity.

Workshop materials (not provided)

  1. PC or laptop
  2. Water-based liquid paint. Tempera:

35-40 cc/ ml of white tempera

35-40 cc/ ml of red tempera

35-40 cc/ ml of green tempera

35-40 cc/ ml of yellow tempera

35-40 cc/ of blue tempera

35-40 cc/ of black tempera

*Standard sizes of the small tempera pot.

  1. White A4 paper (ideally Canson Mix Media)
  2. 1 pencil (sharp)
  3. 1 plastic mixing tray or regular disposable plate
  4. 1 plastic water cup 
  5. 1 fine brush (n. 3 – 5)
  6. 1 large/thick brush
  7. 1 roll of paper towels
  8. 1 pencil sharpener
  9. 1 rubber
  10. 1 black pen or marker (fine tip)
  11. 1 mirror

How to register

More information coming soon.


Click here to purchase The Colours We Share (Canadian site) or see this site for buying options in other countries.