Switch On the Colours of Your Brain

Workshop Presenter: Patricia Dudeck (AGD Alliance of German Designers / German Central Institute for Colour in Science & Design)

Duration: 1 hr
Fees: none
Material needed: one brain per person, comfortable seating
Investment: one hour of your lifetime

Two dates available (you may register for one or both)


OCAD University (Room 554) and streaming online (link upon registration)

Monday June 13, 11 am EST
Registration url: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1144350134035392526

Friday June 17 9 am – 10 am
Registration url: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4542827325794391819

Description of the Workshop

As a trained designer/teacher/mental coach for learning and relaxation, I will guide you through this webinar.

I still remember my first experience: the soothing and energizing effect of different colours just by imagining them…That is what I want to share with you and that is why my area of expertise and research became the effect of colours in mental training and personal branding processes.

You will make your observations by experiencing the effects of colours in practice. This will be a moment where you sense your individual colours rather than talking about general phenomena.We simply use the power of visualisation and the perception of colours to calm and activate the brain. Relaxation is the key to: learning new things, sharpening focus and concentration. Through movement and coordination exercises, we stimulate the brain’s energy and increase our ability to concentrate.

You will be able to feel benefits after one session. After that, you can practice in everyday life at any time. If you attend on Monday and Friday, it simply deepens what you have learned.

Sense your colours and shine your light!

What you get:

  • In this webinar you will learn how to immerse your brain in your unique colours.
  • You are invited to practice guided effective mental training exercises.
  • You will prepare your brain to absorb and process all the inspiring upcoming information and impulses of this congress week.
  • You will receive a toolbox of exercises to develop your individual everyday practice.

IDEENCOLORISTA Patricia Dudeck (1979) is an impulse generator and idea smith.

She develops personal branding with the power of archetypes, including text and web design from one hand. Colours are her superpower – in her coaching and designs. In her mental training, she uses colours to dissolve blockades and reveal solutions.

Creative Agent IDEENCOLORISTA Patricia Dudeck
Business website: https://ideencolorista.de
Mail: patricia@ideencolorista.de

Patricia belongs to:

One of Europe’s strongest design associations AGD – Alliance of German Designers with its interdisciplinary network. In the AGD, creatives from all design disciplines meet and connect. Association’s website: https://agd.de


And the German Central Institute for Colour in Science and Design. The independent institution exists since 1962 on a non-profit basis. Institute’s website: https://deutsches-farbenzentrum.de