The Shape of Colour

Workshop Presenter: Megan Dyck (AUArts and U Calgary)
Date/Location:  June 13, 1 pm / OCAD University (room# tba)
Fees: none

Description of the Workshop

Drawing upon such subjective psycho-physiological phenomena as grapheme colour synesthesia, and the bouba/kiki effect, The Shape of Colour is a workshop in which the intuitive and projected sensory links which many people inadvertently associate with colour are explored and investigated. Here, we will create a miniature colour lexicon in the form of a ‘shape glossary’ as a means to approach the epistemology of colour as a multi-sensorial enterprise: acknowledging hypothetical linguistic and non-visual attributes alongside abstract form as a means of characterizing and categorizing colour. In the spirit of playfulness, participants will navigate a series of experimental propositions which posit language, sound, texture, and shape as apt co-descriptors of chroma. The workshop will be playful and lighthearted while endeavouring to illuminate an appreciation for the subconscious associations which are frequently made between a given colour with things not implicitly related to that colour. 

Participants will require the colour medium of their choosing: any fast-drying paint such as gouache, water colour, acrylic, coloured pencil, or coloured paper (in a range of colours), along with a writing tool, and paper/sketchbook, and a scissor in order to cut-out shapes.

Info about the Workshop Leader:

Megan Dyck is an artist and educator living and working in Calgary, AB. She received her MFA from the University of Victoria and holds a BFA from the Alberta University of the Arts. In addition to her studio practice, Megan teaches drawing, painting, colour theory, and design courses at AUArts, and the University of Calgary. 

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