Note: to attend a Study Group meeting within AIC 2022, you must register for at least one day. One day attendees do not have access to lecture recordings from AIC 2022.

Study Group for Environmental Colour Design (SG ECD)

Date: Wednesday June 15 2022, 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, ET)

Theme: The Future of Environmental Colour Design: The Conscious and the Unconscious

Chair: Verena M. Schindler

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Celebrate with us!

In 2022, the AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design (SG ECD) is celebrating its 40th anniversary! 

Theme Description

The theme of this ECD meeting, which will be held during the AIC 2022 “Sensing Colour” in Toronto, is the future of environmental colour design with a special focus on the conscious and the unconscious. Conscious environmental colour design is a mental process based on rational thoughts and colour concepts designed for interior spaces or exterior environments such as cities, villages, public and semi-public urban spaces, and architecture. Colour practice based on the conscious awareness of a site at a given time participates actively to the physical application of colour in a real-world context. The unconscious mind, however, reveals the emotional and atmospheric quality of a space. Unconscious colour impacts people’s perception and feelings, and evokes moods, atmospheres, ambiences, memories, and affective ties to a place. The transition between the conscious and the unconscious can be dichotomous or gradual. These kinds of explorations can lead to new theoretical and methodological approaches relevant to the future of environmental colour design.

Format: Employing a presentation format called PechaKucha, which means “chit chat” in Japanese, each presenter is allotted 20 slides with 20 seconds comment per slide, for a total 6 minutes and 40 seconds. 


  1. Verena M. Schindler: Introduction
  2. Galyna McLellan (Brisbane, Australia): The controversy of monochromatic architecture in multicultural subtropical contexts
  3. Fiona McLachlan (Edinburgh, Scotland): Colour explorations: On becoming conscious
  4. Clino Trini Castelli (Milan, Italy): Toronto RGB Interior
  5. Lynnette Postuma (Toronto, Canada): A Living Canvas
  6. Changying Xiang, Barbara Szybinska Matusiak (Trondheim, Norway): Colour preference study for façade-integrated photovoltaic design
  7. Kazim Hilmi Or (Hamburg, Germany): Proposals for interior architectural colour design for ophthalmological low vision patients
  8. Pía López-Izquierdo Botín (Madrid, Spain): Freud’s preconscious and conscious and the process of communicative and emotional colour skills
  9. Cath Carver (London, United Kingdom): Colour As A Portal ​
  10. Ralf Weber (Dresden, Germany): Unconscious and conscious colour in architectural design
  11. Q&A.


Study Group for Colour Education (SG CE)

Date: Thursday June 16 2022, 8:30 – 9:45 AM (Eastern Daylight Time, ET)

Theme: Update on the Joint ISCC/AIC Colour Literacy Project:
Testing a Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approach to Colour Education

Chairs: Maggie Maggio & Robert Hirschler

The Colour Literacy Project is an educational initiative of the Inter-Society Colour Council (ISCC) of the United States and the International Colour Association (AIC). Approved as a four-year joint project in January of 2020, the Colour Literacy Project is currently testing prototype resources for teaching 21st century colour at both elementary schools and universities.

8:30 Introduction: Robert Hirschler
8:40 Bottom Up: Maggie Maggio will report on the results of the first round of curriculum testing with the teachers at St. Teresa’s Primary School in Manchester, England.
9:00 Top Down:  Luanne Stovall will report on the new Colour Literacy Forum, an international platform to align university-level colour education with state-of-the art design curricula.
9:20 Bottom Up + Top Down: Huang Qian from Hunan University will report on the project titled: ‘Research and practice of primary school space color optimization based on color literacy education, China.” The presentation includes information on the current situation and development opportunities for colour literacy education involving the university students and children at Dongmaojie Primary School in Changsha City, China.