Call For Contributions: Special Session – Recent books on colour


CHAIR: Verena M. Schindler


The special session on books includes short oral presentations on books on colour or related topics, published in the last three years (2022, 2021, 2020, last half of 2019).

The authors are required to present their own books in person, online via Zoom.The book can be in English or any other language. Please submit via e-mail  your book abstract (350–550 words) including the following data: (1) Author(s); (2) Year of publication; (3) Book Title or Title:subtitle; (4) City, (5) Publisher; (6) ISBN; (7) Total pages; (8) Language; and (9) Summary (350–550 words).A hard copy of the book is not required. The presentation time will be around 10 minutes, depending on the number of participants. Only registered AIC2022 participants will be able to present in the book session.

Special Book Session Rules 

  1. A book author is invited to give only one short presentation in the special book session.
  2. The time slot allotted to a presenter is fixed, however, short presentations in the special book session may address multiple books if so desired.
  3. The presenter must be the author, co-author or editor of the book(s).
  4. An author is allowed to give a short presentation in the special book session, regardless of whether or not she/he is a presenter (author or co-author) of a paper in a regular conference session.
  5. Presenters in the special book session must submit a book abstract (350–550 words) to
  6. Presenters in the special book session are required to register online as AIC2022 conference participants (either for the full conference, or for a day).