Note: scroll to bottom for Instructions on how to upload your files to Pheedloop

Deadline to upload all poster files: June 6


As a poster presenter you should prepare a 1-page PDF of your digital ‘poster’ to be displayed in the ‘Exhibit Hall’ section of the online conference platform, and the same file saved as a JPEG or PNG format. Your digital poster will be displayed for the duration of AIC 2022, and for 3 weeks following the conference.  Your poster should be in landscape orientation with an aspect ratio of approximately 16:9, which is the typical ratio of computer screens.  

Imagine yourself at an in-person poster session (Wouldn’t that have been nice?) standing by your 1.75m-wide-by-1m-high poster explaining the details of your work to people gathered around your poster.  As you explain your work, you’d likely draw attention to different parts of your poster, probably by pointing to them.  In the virtual poster session your 1-page PDF ‘poster’ substitutes for a physical poster, and your 3-minute presentation substitutes for the explanation you’d give those gathered around.  As such, the slides you use during your 3-minute presentation should simply be zoomed in views of subareas of your poster. Below is an example of a poster followed by the slides for the presentation. You can also download these instructions

Note the above is an intentionally lackluster poster intended to show only the crucial points of:  (1) landscape orientation; (2) the idea of a poster that you could imagine standing beside as you explain it; (3) presentation slides derived directly from the poster. In contrast to this example, we encourage  you to make your poster as attractive and eye-catching as possible.

The Colour Group of Great Britain will present the Robert W. G. Hunt Poster awards, in the form of 3 x £100 cash prizes for the top 3 posters by students at AIC2022. The award is based on poster design and quality of the work done.

Your 3-Minute Presentation

When recording your presentation, the first slide should be a copy of your poster PDF. 

Subsequent slides focus on the different parts of your poster and can include additional arrows and highlighting to draw attention to diagrams and so on as needed. Here is an example of a 5-slide presentation.

First presentation slide is your poster.

Recording and Submitting your Poster Presentation

Zoom Recording Instructions:

If you don’t already have Zoom installed you’ll need to install it by going to

  1. Open the Zoom application and click “New Meeting”

2. Click “Record” and select the option “Record on this computer”

3. If you plan to use slides during your presentation, then click ‘Share Screen’ in Zoom either before or after you start recording. Deliver your poster presentation while Zoom is recording. 

4. Once you are finished your presentation all you need to do is “Leave the Meeting” and Zoom will automatically prepare and save  your recording on your computer in the required mp4 format. 

5. Since it’s difficult to start recording and screen sharing together, you likely will need to remove parts at the beginning and end of your recording. You can ‘trim’ your recording using a program like Quicktime. Open the saved recording using Quicktime and use the pulldown menu ‘Edit → Trim’. You should see a bar at the bottom of the screen like this. You can select the yellowish bars and pull them towards the center to trim (i.e., remove) the end sections of your recording.  (Note – if you do not trim your recording, that is fine too.)

Instructions on uploading your poster files to Pheedloop:

Deadline to upload all poster files: June 6

  • log into Pheedloop via your ‘Exhibitor Portal‘ (link sent in an email – Note – this is different from your ‘Speaker Portal’ where you upload your final paper)
  • choose File uploads on left menu
  • enter File name – ** make sure this contains your name (i.e. is not just ‘Poster’)
  • Click box to confirm your upload
  • Browse and choose your file on your computer
  • click Add File (blue rectangle)

Make sure to upload:

  1. Your 1-page poster in PDF
  2. The same file saved as JPEG or PNG
  3. Your MP4 recording