Final Paper Instructions

Note: both oral presenters and poster presenters are to prepare a final paper for publication in the conference proceedings.

The final paper instructions and template are available for download in the following formats:

As a google document here. Note: you will need to save a copy to edit online
As a word file here.
As a pdf here.

Final Paper Submission Deadline: Friday May 20, 2022

You will submit your Final paper via our conference management program (Pheedloop). You will find a link to your submission portal in your Acceptance letter/email.

Through this portal you will:

  • Upload your Final paper.
  • Cut and paste your 150-200 word abstract for publication in the Book of Abstracts.
  • Complete your License to Publish agreement by Friday May 20.
  • Give your permission to record and post your presentation. It will be available to registered participants for 3 weeks (only) following AIC 2022.

NEW: Download the License to Publish (formerly Transfer of Copyright)

Licence to Publish in RTF

Oral and Poster presenters need to sign, scan and upload to their Speakers’ Portal on Pheedloop.
Deadline: May 20.

Instructions on uploading your paper to Pheedloop

  • log into Pheedloop via your ‘Speaker Portal‘ (link sent in an email)
  • choose Session files on left menu
  • enter File description – ** make sure this contains your name (i.e. is not just ‘Final Paper’)
    • Note: if you have already uploaded your file and it does not contain your name to help us identify your paper for the Conference ProceedingsĀ  you can delete your entry and re-upload with the correct file name
  • Click box to confirm your upload
  • Browse and choose your file on your computer
  • click Add File (blue rectangle)

Make sure to upload:

  1. Your final paper in PDF
  2. Your final paper as Word/google doc file
  3. Your signed License to Publish file