June 13–16, 2022

Venue: OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
Organized by Colour Research Society of Canada (CRSC)
Conference Co-Chair(s): Doreen Balabanoff & Robin Kingsburgh

We are very excited to invite you to participate in AIC 2022 Midterm Meeting on the theme “Sensing Colour” to be held in Toronto, Canada, June 13–16, 2022.

The conference will be hosted at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) University and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). OCAD University is  Canada’s oldest and largest school for art and design education, known for its iconic Will Alsop building in the heart of Toronto. The AGO is one of the largest art museums in North America, with a collection of close to 95,000 works.

We encourage in-person participation as much as possible, but remote/online participation will be available for those who are unable to attend otherwise.

The theme “Sensing Colour” offers a great breadth of opportunity for participants from diverse disciplines and modes of inquiry to contribute to colour awareness and knowledge in an interdisciplinary forum. It highlights how colour offers itself to us, in what ways it approaches and engages us, affects our awareness, and harnesses our attention. In so many diverse ways, and through so many different lenses, colour is being studied as an influential shaper of human experience.

Through all our senses and faculties – through intellectual, cultural and material ways of knowing and feeling – we seek to observe and utilize the remarkable complexity of colour, whether material or immaterial, whether conceptual or practical, sociological or biological, natural or technological. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, those listed under “Colour Topics” below.

Abstract Submission

Authors are invited to submit an 800-word abstract (plus References) for review.

All submissions must be in English and describe original work that has not been published or submitted elsewhere. Using a double-blind review process, the Program Review Committee will consider all abstracts. Due to the recent upsurge of the pandemic, the AIC 2022 Abstract application deadline is extended to Monday January 24, midnight (your local time).

All eligible student submissions will be automatically considered for an AIC Student Award.

The CRSC encourages and prioritizes submissions from equity deserving communities including Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, LGBTQ2SIA and communities with diverse abilities.

The following categories are welcome: Oral and Interactive/Poster.

Abstract Submission


Successful authors must register by the Early-Bird deadline (April 10, 2022). Please note that at least one of the authors of each accepted submission must register for the conference and send the Transfer of Copyright by Friday, May 20, 2022, participate in the conference and present the work in either of the two approved categories (oral or interactive). Each paper requires a unique accompanying registration. Each author and/or co-author wishing to participate in the conference must pay a separate registration fee.


Accepted abstracts will be published in a Book of Abstracts prior to the conference. Full papers (4-6 pages) will be due Friday, May 20, 2022. Full papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings shortly after the conference. Authors who do not present their paper at the conference will not have it published in the proceedings.

Contact email:

Colour Topics

Submissions may address any of the following topics or other directly related topics:
Download pdf of call for papers.

Colour Psychology & Perception
See topicsColour Appearance; Evolution and Ecology of Colour Vision; Physiology; Psychophysics; Colour Vision Deficiencies; Synaesthesia; Colour Vision and Aging; Emotion; Preference
Colour in Design
See topicsCommunication Design; Fashion Design; Furniture, Furnishings & Industrial Design; Design for Performing Arts; Transportation Design; Textiles; Cosmetics; History of Colour in Design
Colour & Language
See topicsColour Naming; Lexicography; Semantics
Colour in Art
See topicsPainting; Printmaking; Sculpture & Installation; Film/Cinema/Video; Ceramics & Glass; Textiles; Jewellery & Metalwork; Conservation & Restoration; History; Colour Harmony; Colour-Order Systems
Colour Measurement
See topicsPhotometry; Colorimetry; Colour Difference Metrics; Standards
Colour in the Built Environment
See topicsArchitecture; Interior Design; Lighting Design; Landscape Architecture; Horticulture; Urban Design and Planning; Atmospheres; History; Building Materials
Sociological & Cultural Colour Aspects
See topicsSocio-Political Colour Meanings; Decolonisation and Colour; Race and Colour/Colourism; Colour Histories; Anthropological Colour Studies; Geography and Colour; Sense of Place and Colour Use/Meanings
Colour & Philosophy
See topicsPhenomenology and Colour; Colour Philosophy/ Philosophers; History of Colour Philosophy and Colour Theory / Frameworks
Colour Physics & Chemistry
See topicsLight Sources; Colour-Rendering Properties; Polarisation; Fluorescence; Colorants – Pigments/Dyes / Paints/Inks
Colour Manufacturing & Application
See topicsFood; Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Science; Forensics; Material Manufacturing
Colour Imaging
See topicsColour Sensors; Multi-Spectral Imaging; Colour Management; Displays & Printing; AR/VR; Colour & Computer Vision; Colour Quality Metrics
Colour in Nature
See topicsEcology; Geology; Geography and Colour; Botany; Colour and Pigmentation in the Natural World; Meteorology; Atmospheric Colour; Astronomy; Natural Colour Phenomena
Colour Education
See topicsPedagogy; Didactics of Colour; Interdisciplinary Teaching Methods; Aesthetic Education; Teaching Aids
Colour Science