AIC 2022 Poster Presentation Program

Posters will be accessible throughout AIC 2022, via the Poster (“Exhibit Hall’) Portal. Attendees can contact poster presenters via a chat feature. There are no scheduled times for poster ‘presentations’, but each poster contains a 2-3 minute recording of the presenter discussing their work, as well as a visual digital poster.


Yuka Akuzawa
Tokyo University of Science
Co-authors: Chuanyi Liu, Yuki Oe, Yukie Miura, Nozomu Yoshizawa, Naoko Shinohara, Marie Nakaso, Koichi Kaiho
Comparative study of the psychological effects of the spectral distribution of daylight and LEDs in office spaces
Enkela Alimadhi
Bilkent University
Co-author: Nilgün Olguntürk
Color choice in providing a restorative interior space: a Pilot Study?
Francis Ankyiah
University of Education, Winneba
Intermediate and tertiary pigment colours: mathematically ‘why’ they can’t be the ‘same’
Kévin Bideaux
Labratoire d’Etudes de Genre et de Sexualité (UMR8238)
Pink Marketing : How does it work? Why is it (still) working?
Mengyuan Chen
University of Leeds
Co-Authors: Stephen Westland, Caroline Hemingra
The effect of colour temperature of morning light exposure on wellbeing
Margherita Cicala
University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’
Co-authors: Giovanna Vittoria, Giovi Chiacchio
From the colors of 20th century affiches to those of contemporary street art: Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can 1 and Banksy’s Soup Cans.
Ítalo Dantas
Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte
Co-author: Camila Assis Peres Silva
Visual communication in apparel design: Gen Z interpretation of color symbolism in fashion collections using free word association and semantic differential
Ítalo Dantas
Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte
Co-authors: Lívia Juliana Silva Solino, Aline Gabriel Freire, Ana Luísa Pereira de Medeiros, Mariana Nunes do Nascimento, Alisson Ygor Petronilio, Paula Csillag
Color preferences in fashion products: a case study on sportswear and beachwear industry
Hortense De La Codre
Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Co-authors: P. Bertrand, L. Servant, R. Chapoulie, P. Mora, A. Mounier
The impact of colours fading on our sense of 18th century tapestries
Alfonso De Lucas Tron
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Aerial Perspective, Alteration of color due to the interposition of air
Hui Fan
Zhejiang University
Co-authors: Candong He, Tingwei Huang, Ming Ronnier Luo
A new method for measuring the spectral sensitivities of a camera
CC Hart
The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists
Fifty Shades of Grayscale: orthopedic structures as perceived by a manual therapist with synaesthesia
Johanna Hedenskog
University of Edinburgh
Grey City: Queering chromatic architecture
Lin Jinyi
Zhejiang University
Co-authors: Keyu Shi, Timwei Huang, Ming Ronnier Luo
Colour modelling on a virtual display system – LEDSimulator
Sunghyun Kang
Iowa State University
Co-authors: Andrea Quam, Nora Ladjahasan, Carol Faber
Color Preference, Perception, and Its Flavors: Focus on A Snack Package
Ichiro Katayama
Kindai University
Co-authors: Sachiko Noguchi, Rumiko Takata, Kaori Segawa
Improvement of Color Feelings Prediction Formulas for the Estimation of Color Combination Feelings of “Kimono”
Agata Kwiatkowska-Lubańska
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
The Symbolism of Colour for Gen Z. Visual Communication Through Images and Hashtags
Peihua Lai
University of Leeds
Co-author: Stephen Westland
Pixel-based colour image object detection in fashion
Pia Lopez-Izquierdo
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
“Inhabiting the ART”
Nusa Maal
Pacifica Graduate Institute
The Persistence of a Personal Palette
Kanoko Makino
Tokyo University of Science
Co-authors: Haruno Tsuda, Yuki Oe, Kaoruko Kitamura, Nozomu Yosizawa
Intra-observer differences in the perceived colour of colorimetry using tablet devices
Zachary Manning
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Co-authors: Aljoscha Gleser, Miriam Loos, Robin Tepe, Irene Maldini
Emotional association of colours through participants delineation of their present state of mind paired with specific color tones
Yukie Miura
Tokyo University of Science
Co-authors: Yuka Akuzawa, Tatsunori Suzuki, Yuki Oe
Psychological effects of white- and coloured-LED lighting for older people
Jimena Vanina Odetti
Instituto Tecnologico Mario Molina Campus Puerto Vallarta
Co-authors: Alberto Reyes Gonzalez, Andres Enrique Reyes Gonzalez, Fernando Daniel Valdez Olmos
The study of color in cities as a component of urban cultural constructions
Kazim Hilmi Or
Private Office of Ophthalmology
Medical, illumination and geographic issues at circumpolar areas may cause changes in colour perception
Ana Paula Pinheiro
Lisbon School of Architecture
Co-author: Rui Barreiros Duarte
Color, Materiality, and Authenticity: The Cathedral of Portalegre Rehabilitation
Amirah Qashqari
Queen’s University Belfast
The Effect of Colors and Textures of Interior Materials on The Thermal Comfort of Libraries in Hot and Humid Climates.
Nallely Rangel
Autonomous Metropolitan University Xochimilco
Reconstructing a history of color in Mexican women’s fashion 1900-1910
Fateme Shakourirad
University of Tehran
Co-author: Maryam Khalili
Sensing Colors Through Smart Lighting Based on Multisensory Experience of Poetry
Keyu Shi
Zhejiang University
Co-author: Ming Ronnier Luo
Colour Matching Experiments on LEDMax Technology
Xinye Shi
Zhejiang University
CIECAM16 performance in high dynamic range based on a new corresponding color data set
Neha Singh
Stories of Color Symbolism and its Significance in Indian Weddings
Pedro Felipe Pinho Souza
My own color system
Anna Stamm
Indiana University Bloomington
Not So Black & White: Colors in Early Cinema
Aditya Tandra
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Co-authors: Li-Chen Ou, Hsin-Yen Liao, Julianne Agatha Tan
The Effect of Bar Soap Color on Customer Perception Based On Expected Functionalities
Terri Tomlinson
Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy
Color Theory and Creating Conversations About the Color of Us
Teresa Uchman
University of Silesia
The colour-naming. Intercultural connotations and multisensory colour contexts based on the names of wall paints
Qianqian Pan
University of Leeds
Co-authors: Stephen Westland, Farah Naz
Towards the number of discernible skin colours
Eric Zeigler
University of Toledo
Co-author: Aaron M. Ellison
Color for all Organisms: Landscapes Outside the Human Visible Spectrum