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Special Lecture: Monday June 13, 19:00-20:00  Anong Migwans Beam Gathering Colour (recording available)



Tuesday June 14

Tue 08:15-08:45
Welcome and Opening Messages
Welcome from AIC 2022 Organizing Committee
Welcome from AIC President
Welcome from CRSC
Welcome from OCAD University
Opening slideshow
Practise Breakout Rooms
Tue 08:45-09:40 Opening Plenary: Anya Hurlbert – Illuminating Colour: Do people see the light?
Tue 09:40-09:45 Short Break
Tue 09:45-10:45 Session A – Colour Science I
Chairs: Susan Farnand (RIT) & Abhay Sharma (Trans Metropolitan University)
Satoko Taguchi
Tokyo University of the Arts
Co-authors: Yae Ichimiya, Kaori Takahashi, Hirotaka Kakizaki, Sayako Kuroda, Shino Okuda, Katsunori Okajima
Color Materials and Techniques in John Gould’s “Folio Bird Books” – A Comparison with R.P.Lesson’s “Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux Mouches”
Ikumi Hirose
Chiba University
Co-Authors: Kazuki Nagasawa, Norimichi Tsumura, Shoji Yamamoto
Texture Management for Glossy Objects Using Tone Mapping
Tucker Downs
Co-authors: Olivia Kuzio, Michael Murdoch
Image Based Measurement of Augmented Reality Displays and Stimuli
Taisei Horimoto
Chiba University
Co-authors: Yshitsugu Manabe, Noriko Yata
Study of measurement of 3D shape and spectral reflectance by Multi-View Stereo
Tue 09:45-10:45 Session B – Design
Chairs: Paul Haft (Haft2) & Doreen Balabanoff (OCAD U)
Montaha Hidefi
Color Marketing Group
Color Marketing Group: Six Decades of Colour Forecasting
Sibel Ertez Ural
Bilkent University
Aesthetics and emotions of Color Harmonies in Architectural Context
Ana Laura Alves
São Paulo State University (Unesp)
Co-authors: Mirela Riquena De Giuli, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
Color influence on the usability of kitchen utensils: An empirical study in Ergonomic Design
Anna Kmita
Academy of Fine Arts and Design Katowice
Co-authors: Saara Pyykkö, Francesca Valan
Wood colours in contemporary architecture and Design: A comparison in three European countries.
Tue 10:45-11:00 Conversation Break
Tue 11:00-12:00
Session A – Colour & Language
Chairs: Yulia Griber (Smolensk State University) & Christopher Collins (Ontario Tech University)
Donald Dedrick
University of Guelph
Two kinds of explanations for basic color terms
Junglim Lee
Ewha Womans University
The Difference in Colour Categorization between Korean and Chinese Language.
Merle Oguz
Tallinn University
Co-author: Mari Uusküla
A Comparative Analysis of Estonian, Swedish and Turkish Colour Idioms
Jodi L. Sandford
University of Perugia
“The painters had done it all in green” In COLOR* – A Cognitive Linguistic Construction Analysis
Tue 11:00-12:00
Session B – Colour in Architecture I
Chairs: Esther Hagenlocher (University of Oregon) & Justyna Tarajko-Kowalsk (Cracow University of Technology)
Eva Storgaard
University of Antwerp
Polychromic Space: Architectural Agencies of Colour
Verena M. Schindler
AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design
On different colour approaches to architecture
Verónica Conte
Lisbon School of Architecture
Carrazedo: colours and stories of a transient landscape
Tue 12:00-15:30 BREAK / POSTERS
Tue 15:30-16:10 Keynote: Robert DeSalle – Sensing colour in nature
Tue 16:10-16:15 Short Break
Tue 16:15-17:30 Session A – Colour Education – Traditional Colour Theory: Historical Connections to New Innovations
Chairs: Harald Arnkil (Finnish Colour Association) & Judith Tinkl (CRSC)
Adam Lauder
OCAD University
Josef Albers’s Chromatic Perspectivism
Esther Hagenlocher
University of Oregon
Colour-Connections in the Oeuvre of Fritz Seitz
Zena O’Connor
Design Research Associates, Colour Collective Sydney
Exploring the origins of Itten’s color theories using digital color mapping
Robert Hirschler
AIC Study Group on Colour Education
Co-authors: David Briggs, Andreas Schwarz, Stephen Westland
Contemporary Analysis of Traditional Colour Theory
Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic
Universidad de Chile
On Colour Bibliography for Design Discipline: a Study to the References Proposed by 34 Colour Courses
Tue 16:15-17:30 Session B – Colour in Architecture II
Chairs: Alessandro Premier (University of Aukland) & Verena M. Schindler (AIC SG-ECD)
Justyna Tarajko-Kowalska
Cracow University of Technology
“Thinking pink in architecture” – survey on perception and preferences of pink color by architecture students from “millennial generation”
Elisa Cordero-Jahr
Universidad Austral de Chile
Co-author: Gonzalo Cerda-Brintrup
Color and modern architecture in the south of Chile
Ollier Xavière
Color and collective housing, Color at the service of the 20th century heritage : Case study of the Harlequin of Grenoble
Gisele Carvalho
Lisbon School of Architecture
The colors of the housing buildings in the neighbourhood of Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil
Tue 17:30-17:45 Conversation Break
Tue 17:45-19:00 Session A – Colour Education – Teaching Innovations and methodologies
Chairs: Luanne Stovall (ISCC) & Cat Pattie (Newcastle University)
Emmanuel Kodwo Amissah
University of Education
Colour preferences and use in textiles design and decoration amongst Ghanaian students
Maggie Maggio
Smashing Color
Co-Authors: Paul Green-Amytage, Ellen Divers
Two voids in the Language of Colour
David Briggs
National Art School, Sydney
Co-author: Eva Fay
A Shillito Student Portfolio from the Mid-1940’s
Doreen Balabanoff
OCAD University
Co-authors: David Pearl, Sharyn Adler Gitalis
Colour, Light & Environment: an experiential course opens up the conversation about colour
Ellen Divers
Ellen Divers Design
Weaving the senses: learning about color through sound and taste
Tue 17:45-19:00 Session B – Colour & Buildings
Chairs: Jimena Odetti (Instituto Tecnologico Mario Molina) & Kyoko Hidaka (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Xuechang Leng
The University of Edinburgh
Powerful red on the buildings of the Qinzheng Hall complex at the Garden of Clear Ripples (Beijing)
Alessandro Premier
The University of Auckland
Co-author: Julian Rennie
Colin McCahon’s house and its colours: a glimpse of New Zealand beyond its Colonial past
Yajun Wen
Pusan National University
Co-author: Jaehoon Chung
Research on the influence of the natural environment of residence on city color  preference: a case study of Busan, Korea
Chen-Hsin Yang
National Cheng Kung University
Co-author: Tseng-Ping Chiu
An Investigation of Color-Realm Visual Perception: The Effectiveness of Multi-Color Appliance of Design Hotel (DH) Interior Design in Taiwan

Wednesday June 15

Wed 08:30-09:10
Keynote: Anna Franklin – How do infants and children see and think about colour?
Wed 09:10-09:15 Short Break
Wed 09:15-10:30 Session A – Colour & Cultural Preferences
Chairs: Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic (Universidad de Chile) & Osuanyi Essel (University of Education)
Mahshid Baniani
University of Tsukuba
Everyday Objects’ Color Preferences Among University Students
Chu Wen Wang
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Co-authors: Yi-Sheng Chen, Hung-Hsu Cheng, Li-Chen Ou
Color meanings of lucky charms in Taiwan
Hsien-Hsiang Meng
The Graduate Institute of Design Science y
Co-authors: Ray-Chin Wu and Li-Chieh Chen
The Effect of Facial Mask Colour Tones on the Image of Retail Services
Yan Lu
University of Leeds
Co-author: Kaida XIao
Modelling facial attractiveness from various colour characteristics
Wed 09:15-10:30 Session B – Art: Inspiration & Materials
Chairs: David Griffin (OCAD U) & Adam Lauder (OCAD U)
Kyoko Hidaka
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Yellow is the Sound of a Trumpet: An International Survey on the Association between Color and Sound and a Comparison with Color Theory
Umut Eldem
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp & University of Antwerp
Multimodal and Psuedo-Synaesthetic Systems in Visual Music Composition: Applying Color Harmony to the Musical Process
Carrie Firman
Edgewood College
My Thoughts Appeared in the Sky: A Synesthete Meets the Aurora
Soo Kang
Chicago State University
The Colour Sensation in the Art of Maria Tomasula
Romesh Kumar
Colorants Solutions USA, LLC
A History of Azo Pigments – for Color in all Applications
Wed 10:30-10:45 Conversation Break
Wed 10:45-12:00 Session A – Colour Science II
Chairs: Yoko Mizokami (Chiba University) & Anya Hurlbert (Newcastle University)
Che Shen
Co-authors: Mark D.Fairchild, Robert Wanat
Measuring Display Observer Metamerism
Ehsan Ullah
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Co-authors: Gregory High, Phil Green
Quantifying and Evaluating Color Appearance Models based on Helmholtz Kohlrausch Effect
Abigayle Weymouth
Co-author: Michael J. Murdoch
Perceived Speed in Transitions between Neutral and Chromatic Illumination
Qinyuan Li
University of Leeds
Co-authors: Kaida Xiao, Ningtao Mao, Michael Pointer
Visual judgement of the tactile properties of fabrics by altering colours
Wed 10:45-12:00
Session B – Study Group – Environmental Colour Design
See Study Group schedule
Wed 12:00-3:30 BREAK/POSTERS
Wed 15:30-16:10 Keynote: Michael J. Murdoch – Color in Layers: From Pepper’s Ghost to Augmented Reality
Wed 16:10-16:15 Short Break
Wed 16:15-17:30 Session A – Colour Science III
Chair: Charles Poynton (Independent colour & image scientist)
Tanzima Habib
Norwegian University of Science and technology
Co-authors: Phil Green, Peter Nussbaum
A weighted goodness-of-fit metric for comparison of spectra
Olivia Kuzio
Co-author: Susan Farnand
Simulating the Effect of Camera and Lens Choice for Color Accurate Spectral Imaging of Cultural Heritage Materials
Ruili He
University of Leeds
Co-authors: Kaida Xiao, Michael Pointer, Manuel Melgosa, Yoav Bressler
An Investigation on Visual Colour Difference of 3D Printed Objects
Hao Xie
Co-author: Mark D. Fairchild
The Luther Condition for All: Evaluating Colorimetric Camera Design for Personalized Color Imaging
David Briggs 
National Art School, Sydney
Psychophysical Colour
Wed 16:15-17:30 Session B – Special Session: Recent Books about Colour
See Recent Books Schedule

Thursday June 16


Thu 08:30-09:45
Session A – Colour Science IV
Chairs: Venkat Venkataramanan (McRae Imaging)
Kyosuke Ota
Chiba University
Co-authors: Midori Tanaka, Takahiko Horiuchi
Preliminary Evidence for the Effect of Circadian Rhythms on Color Perception
Qiang Xu
Zhejiang University
Co-author: Ming Ronnier Luo
A parametric colour difference study on the physical size effect
Yuki Ohira
Chiba University
Co-authors: Kazuki Nagasawa, Shoji Yamamoto, Ikumi Hirose, Yuki Ohira, Wataru Arai, Kunio Hakkaku, Chawan Koopipat, Keita Hirai, Norimichi Tsumura
3D printed human skin appearance with a multilayered spatial distribution of pigment components
Ming Ronnier Luo
Zhejiang University
Co-authors: Mingkai Cao, Yan Lu, Kaida Xiao
Cross-cultural influence of preferred memory colours on mobile display devices
He Yuanyuan
Chiba University
Co-authors: Yuanyuan He, Hiromi Sato, Yoko Mizokami
Comparison of brightness perception of facial skin with differences of skin color
Thu 08:30-09:45
Session B – Study Group on Colour Education
See Study Group schedule
Thu 09:45-10:00 Conversation Break
Thu 10:00-10:40 Special Session: Panel on Colour in the Lighting Industry
Thu 10:40-10:45 Short Break
Thu 10:45-12:00 Session A – Colour in Health & Design
Chairs: Sharyn Adler Gitalis (CRSC) & Vivian Lo (Ontario Ministry of Long Term Care)
Lou Ricome
Architectural School of Lyon
Co-author: Chantal Dugave
Colour and care in space
Estelle Guerry
Universite de Toulouse
Color-design applied to the elderly’s nutrition: a public health issue
Cat Pattie
Newcastle University
Co-authors: Harpreet Dlay, Sinéad Mullally, Gabriele Jordan
Development of a questionnaire to assess the impact of congenital colour vision deficiencies on education.
Elizabeth Neswald
Brock University
The Colours of Diabetes: Colorimetry, Chemical Indicators and Colour Standardization in Diabetic Sugar Measurement in the Twentieth Century
Yulia A. Griber
Smolensk State University
Co-author: Galina V. Paramei
Colour naming of post-COVID participants hints to “darkening” of perceived colour
Thu 10:45-12:00 Session B – Colour in Aesthetics & Culture
Chairs: Ilene Sova (OCAD U) & Sara Hartland Rowe (NSCAD)
Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau
A Phenomenological Approach to Color Theory and Aesthetics
Lavina Bhaskar
National Institute of Fashion Technology
Coauthor: Dimple Bahl
The story of Colour in Traditional Indian Folk Media and Art
Nusa Maal
Pacifica Graduate Institute
The Persistence of a Personal Palette
Osuanyi Essel
University of Education, Winneba
Decolonising Skin-lightening Practices in Selected Ghanaian Universities
Thu 12:00-13:00 BREAK/POSTERS
Thu 13:00-14:00 Special Session: Invited Speaker Angélica DassHumanae: Celebrating how colourful we are
Thu 14:00-15:30 BREAK/POSTERS
Thu 15:30-16:15 Colour in the Landscape
Chair: Pia Lopez-Izquierdo Botin
Tania Fuentes
NSCAD University
Colours of the Land
Yulia Kovanova
The University of Edinburgh
Chroma Calls: Place attunement through colour intra-action in sculpture
Zena O’Connor
Design Research Associates, Colour Collective Sydney
Co-author: Hamidreza Sheibani
Environmental color mapping in an historic UNESCO Heritage context: Uramanat, Iran
Thu 16:15-16:25 Short Break
Thu 16:25-17:05 Closing Keynote: Joseph Ingoldsby – Requiem for a Drowning Landscape
Thu 17:05-18:00 Student Awards & Closing Ceremony
Robert W. G. Hunt Poster awards (Colour Group of Great Britain)
AIC Student Paper Awards
CIE/CNC Student Award
Future AIC Conferences (Thailand – AIC2023 15th Congress; Brazil – AIC2024 Midterm Meeting; Taiwan – AIC2025 16th Congress)
Closing Remarks