FAQ’s on Registration

Have questions on the registration process?

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How do I register for the conference?

  1. On the registration page, select your ticket type (click on ‘Add Ticket’).
  2. Enter your credit card information. If you require an alternate payment method (e.g. bank transfer), choose ‘Other Payment Method’, and contact sensingcolouraic2022@gmail.com.
  3. Click ‘Checkout’ to complete your registration

If I am a student are there extra steps I need to take?

Yes, before you get to the ticket selection page, students will need to enter their Institution, supervisor and you student ID number.

Are there other methods of payment than credit card?

Registration on our conference management program (Pheedloop) is by credit card. If you require another payment option (e.g. bank transfer), please complete the Registration page and check Other Method for payment, and contact sensingcolouraic2022@gmail.com

What are the ticket prices?

Type Cost (in CAD)
Early Bird (before April 21, 2022)* $200
Early Bird for Students (before April 21, 2022)* $50
After April 21, 2022 (General and Students) $275
CRSC Members’ Rate (anytime) $200
CRSC Student Member FREE
One-day flat fee (available after May 23) $100/day

Privacy Policy

Your personal information collected on our conference platform and is for the purposes of communication throughout AIC 2022, and will not be made available outside of the conference platform.

Your data will be stored until 3 weeks after AIC 2022, and will be deleted.

For complete information on the Privacy Policy and Data Management of our technology partner you can read it here